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How to present energy/power related success stories?

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Rafael Herzberg- is an independent energy consultant, self-employed (since 2018) based in São Paulo, Brazil* Focus on C level, VPs and upper managers associated to energy related info, analysis...

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  • Mar 3, 2021

If your company offers products and/or services in the energy/power arena, has real cases of customers (industrial, commercial and institutional) who have achieved interesting results and was able to offer a special experience regarding the service provided, here is my suggestion.

1) Present a synopsis of the case

Briefly describe the problem posed, the solution delivered, the results achieved and the contact info (Mobile/whatsApp and e-mail) of those who were in charge of this project by the client. The case may be: onsite power generation/cogeneration, energy efficiency, demand response, energy management, high voltage connections, EV charging, energy trading (deregulated power markets & contracts), cost arbitrage among energy sources,etc.

2) I will set up a conversation with the client

To obtain his/her perception of the developed project, the particularities that in his/her view made the result achieved special and challenges solved to "make it happen".

3) I will create a post and will pusblish it at Energy Central

I will write about the case, in business language, addressing the decision-making process route, the implementation of the solution, the results achieved, how the service provided by the supplier was important for the success of the project and lessons learned.

The first 3 cases will be free of any charges!  Then the proposed business arrangement is charging a fee per case.

Does it make sense?

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