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Do you see any changes in the industry that would change the direction of flows on the pipelines in the near future?


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  • Jul 6, 2020

If so, which pipelines?



Producer's Note: This question was posed during a recent webcast hosted by Energy Central: 'ScottMadden's Energy Industry Update – "Take It to the Limit." We thought we would bring the question to the community to see if you could help provide some further insights. 

About the webcast: ScottMadden's energy experts shared their views and field questions related to the future of the gas utility, 100% clean energy goals, and how they may be impacted by COVID-19, and regulatory strategy during a pandemic. Hundreds attended.  If you missed and would like to hear the recording, you can view the replay here!

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Reversal of natural gas pipeline flow has occurred in the past, see the link.  I recall projects and designing valves suitable for bi-directional gas flow (and have a patent on bi-directional low noise valves).  While much more common on storage facilities for injection and withdrawal, some major pipelines have had this feature built it to account for seasonal variation.  With the potential for addition of LNG import stations and possible hydrogen injection, seeing bidirectional flow can occur.  This impacts more than valves, as compressor stations then need to be reversed and switchable through piping modifications.    


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