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What is the most important renewable asset management conference in North America?

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 Pivot 2021, with the tagline Geothermal. Reimagined. Held last July.

See almost all of it for free on YouTube:


I say this not because it is the most comprehensive renewables conference or even that it is exactly "renewable asset management," but because geothermal is the most overlooked renewable resource, this is the best conference I know of for geothermal, and it is available online for free. Geothermal has all the assets we say that wind and solar need to be viable: it is dispatchable baseline energy. It's every bit as reliable as nuclear, and can be ramped up and down more easily than any large thermal plant, making it ideal for baseline generation, filling in the holes in the load curve left by other renewables, and providing ancillary services. Yes, it costs more than other renewables per kWh, but it does not cost any more than nuclear, and it is safe, clean, and renewable. And yet we seldom hear it even mentioned in discussions about renewables and our energy future. At PIVOT 2021, we learned about Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS), teaming up with the oil and gas industry drilling masters, advanced drilling techniques, ideas on how to tap geothermal almost anywhere, and more. Look for registration for PIVOT 2022 July 25-29 coming in June.



The 8th edition of ‘Solarplaza Summit Asset Management North America’ conference combines a crowd of key local and global players, market insights from inspirational speakers, and extended networking opportunities on 6 & 7 April in Oakland, California.

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