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Student Inquiry for a Project Based Learning activity

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Instructional Leader, Ferguson Florissant School District

I am an instructional leader in a STEAM high school in the St. Louis area. I work with teachers and students to make our school a premier school in the district and area. I have been in...

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  • Nov 13, 2020

Is there anyone who is willing to be potentially interviewed by a high school student who is researching different types of energy for  Project Based Learning activity?  I wanted to get reliable leaders from your industry and open a line of communication for students to reach out to to help with research.  If you have someone who is willing to be interviewed please pass along their contact information.

We are a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) High School and we are working with our students on how to conduct proper research and dig deeper into problems we are facing as a county and world.  Your help would allow us to take our class thinking to the next level and get expert insight on this topic.

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I would be happy to help.  You can check my credentials on LinkedIn to see if they match the expertise you're looking for.

I can be helpful on matters of electric power and energy i.e. generation, transmission, distribution, namely engineering and design, maintenance and operation, testing / commissioning and start up;  also illumination, grounding, application of engineering standards, setting up edducational curriculums  for the purpose. etc.  

Replies from social shares to LinkedIn:

Will Douglas Co-Owner of Better Wind.

" I would be happy to talk big picture or construction. Otherwise I have engineering friends whom I can recruit."

joseph taillon Executive Director at Renewable Future Systems

" I am certified in Solar PV and Solar Thermal. I would love to have a chance to speak to tomorrow’s future energy specialists and teach them what and why it’s so important for them to “all” be involved and most importantly how. We all must make a contribution and they must be the ones to lead that new future. Feel free to mag me if you have an interest. I would be willing to speak live to your class also or any other arrangements you see fit. It would be my honour to be a part of any teaching program. "

Both have given permission for their contact information to be shared so be expecting an email from me Jeff.

I would be available

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Jeff Leonard on Nov 16, 2020

Thanks!!  I do not have the ability to private message anyone.  Do you want me to email you or do you want to email me?


Thank you so much!

Jeff - I would be willing to interviewed also.



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Jeff Leonard on Nov 16, 2020

Thanks!!  I cannot private message, would you like me to email you or do you want to email me?


I appriciate your help!

I would be OK with email interviews. 

My CV is on my Energy Central public profile, and I post a weekly educational paper. The link below is to a list of all of the papers I've posted on Energy Central. Respond to this with your acceptance of my proposal, and I will send you my email address.


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Jeff Leonard on Nov 16, 2020

Thank you so much?  Since I cannot private message on here, do you want me to email you or do you want to email me?


Thanks again!!

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John Benson on Nov 16, 2020

Matt Chester should send you my email address shortly.


I would be happy to help if I can.  Please let me know how to get in touch. I am not able to initiate a private message on this platform for some reason.

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