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Is South East Asia the epicenter of global energy transformation and transition?

IEA and Bloomberg recently predicted that globally, to decarbonize the energy ecosystem, an investment of between US$72 trillion to US$120 trillion between now and 2050 will be needed. It is estimated that 45% of this decarbonization investment will take place in Asia and ASEAN. During this period, renewables and clean energy sources will see a 300% increase in their share of the energy mix. This will be driven by investment in clean energy generation projects as well as grid improvements to integrate clean energy.


I doubt any region will be the focus or the lab for a program this massive. Some areas will focus on storage, others on wind, some on solar, some on ocean based energy,  and hydrogen may happen elsewhere. Demand side management may vary by country. Sure watch Australia and learn from them, but don't expect everything they do to work elsewhere, the same with China or Singapore. 

We need to realize that to make the transition it is "all hands on deck" and transferring knowledge is critical. We don't have time for 200+ countries to re-invent the wheel, nor do we have the time to wait for one country to develop the industry to produce something. We need manufacturing and research in all parts of the world, and to spread the improvements. 

So, yes learn from SE Asia, and at the same time learn from Europe, Africa, and elsewhere. But look at it thru the lens of what parts of it are useful in the part of the global you are working in and serving. 

We need to try lots of things, learn from them, fail as quickly as possible, so we learn and move on. 

Not sure if an energy transition can have a clearly defined epicenter, but I do likely agree that SouthEast Asia is the perfect hotbed for testing out innovation and implementing clean technologies.

South East Asia is still building new coal power plants that will be operating beyond 2050. Unless carbon capture becomes cost-competitive within the next 20 years, I don't see how this region can decarbonize it's entire energy ecosystem efficiently and effectively.

The focus for these regions today is to provide a stable, affordable supply of electricity for everyone, and this is bound to be the focus for the next two decades at least.

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