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Power generation systems need to be revised.

Energy sources has been increased during last few decades but still the consumption of fossil sources such as oil and increasing the pollution of environment exist. Renewable energy technologies are updating but not enough for changing the situation of consumption tools and environment.

As an independent researcher, I have come to the conclusion that clean energy sources are more than needed and there should be more research and thinking about access to it.

Hydropower has its own limitations, including damage of dams to the ecological system. Wind energy is not suitable for most areas and other energy sources such as solar and bio energy also have their own limitations.

Lectures and writing are so much but a few of them conducts specialists to do the way that is needed.

I can briefly point to some cases those are able to solve our energy problems and needs deep consideration of thinkers to followings:

1-           Electric power increaser at: 

Experiment such as No. 3 or 5 of the above article needs thinkers attention.

My first goal is electricity increaser technology that will solve all existing problems of energy and environment. Please pay more attention to its related experiments without limiting the mind by existing energy laws. The circuits that I have used except than first and second one do not match Ohm's law, while they are functioning. If you achieve my point, you can imagine next situation of human live. I had feel, touched and examined the mentioned technology thus there is no doubt.

Unfortunately, I have to add a brief description to my background so that those who doubt my work shall think more.

I started physics of fifth grade of high school and its related subjects experiment when I was in fourth grade of primary school. So do not leave the matter and take more attention to the circuits.

2-           Hydro and wind turbines that I have mentioned them on ABOUT ME section:

The force that effects area of blades in being used turbines is tangential that could be in perpendicular direction. The angle of force direction is important for efficiency and manufacturing expenses could be less than of traditional types.

Vertical turbines which equipped with rectangular plates could be installed on anywhere that current of air or water exist. They have more power and their rotating plates do not injure birds or aquatic animals such as blades.


A.M. Bayat

Independent researcher


Sid Abma's picture
Sid Abma on Nov 12, 2019 8:45 pm GMT

America needs a lot of energy produced if we are going to continue to live the lifestyles we are accustomed to. The AOC's think life here on earth is going to be over in 10 or 12 years. I don't think so.                                                                                        I believe America should look at it's energy sources and plan ahead having to need energy for the next hundreds of years. We will need all forms of energy to keep things moving and warm. Coal with the Clean Coal Solution should be used to create electricity. Natural gas should be used to maximum efficiency for building space heating and by industry to produce those things we use every day. Oil should be used for transportation and by those industries that require oil in their products.   This should keep America energized for a long time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Renewable energy (solar and wind) should be connected to their own grid network and be used to charge electric vehicles. When the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing and the batteries go dead, it's time to park and go to sleep. No harm done.

Ali Akbar Mirgallouye Bayat's picture
Ali Akbar Mirgallouye Bayat on Nov 13, 2019 8:33 am GMT

When humans was using only firewood for heating and did not know other sources, deforestation began and when discovered other sources such as oil, increased environmental pollution. Discovered atomic energy and endangered the world.

Decreasing forests and polluting the environment and increasing consumption of polluting resources cause diseases and shorten human life.

Suppose we are in the pre-firewood era and looking for a way to warm up. Can we get to a source other than firewood? Yes, there are other sources, such as oil. So there may be better sources in the present century too.

What I have mentioned in my article are new and effective solutions. Especially the issue of electrical power gain, which is much better and more important than anything else.

America and all countries are made up of people like you and me, and we are the people who need to think about solutions.

Consequences of our thoughts together with resolute determination can solve energy and environmental issues.

Geoff Thomas's picture
Geoff Thomas on Jan 28, 2020 1:46 am GMT

Sid, the research is continuous, the Earth's  ecosystem is failing, so your "I don't think so" is not a wise place to start, - perhaps better to be part of the solution rather than the problem? 

Geoff Thomas's picture
Geoff Thomas on Jan 28, 2020 2:21 am GMT

Thanks Ali for your post, - firstly I admit to not being able to hear all you said due to accent and my older age, but two things I would enquire of, if you don't mind?

1. The Radiators in series may still be of the same Amperage but the Voltage will be halved, so the Wattage will be halved also, meaning that the radiators will radiate less heat. 

2, There are a number of pumps and hydro systems, for Hydro systems we may start with a high head input, - usually that will be dealt with by a Pelton wheel, - which pushes directly, into a sort of spoon, - vertically? you may say, ? as does a piston pump, then there is the Turgo, where the blades are at an angle, so the water hits and glances off, it's incoming direction directed sideways, and the thrust likewise, - perhaps what you call horizontal? - that is for smaller heads and higher flows, then we go to Francis turbines, perhaps a push? - for lower heads and larger flows, then finally the Kaplin, virtually an (adjustable) propellor in a tube, - even lower heads, and huge flows, but those last two can also use the water flowing past the turbine down the 'Draft Tube to the lake below.

All these different technologies are a trade off, - flow versus pressure, and impart rotational 'energy'.

In old fashioned wind turbines, eg the classic Windmill water pump, one could suggest it is a Turgo in the air, and it's rotational energy gathered by inefficient blades designed for Torque, is transferred to a piston pump deep under the ground.

The modern Wind Turbine, however, has a blade 'modelled' on a bird's wing or aeroplane propeller, it flies, so fits none of the Hydro list I included. 

Would you care to comment on those two sharings Please? - preferably in writing as that removes my accent barrier.

Cheers,     Geoff Thomas,

Advanced Wind Technologies, Australia.

Ali Akbar Mirgallouye Bayat's picture
Ali Akbar Mirgallouye Bayat on Jan 29, 2020 10:56 am GMT

Dear Geoff

Thank you for your attention.

Let me start with the first one (increasing electrical energy). Then I'll go into other things.

Each electric water heater is a resistor and both are similar.

The circuit is in series and according to Ohm's law, the flow of both resistors must be the same.

Any amount of energy that can pass through the first resistor will enter the second resistor. Not more, not less.

The using amount of energy from the energy source is the same as the amount of energy that passes through the first resistor.                E = P = R * I^2

The energy value of both resistors must be the same. But that is not the case and it doesn't follow Ohm's law, because the energy of second resistor is higher.

P(R2) > P(R1)

To find out more, please watch the video below.

The reason for testing with electric water heater is to eliminate ambiguities related to eye error and possible harmonics.

If the explanation is enough, let me know to discuss other things.


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