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How to plan for ocean wave energy as persistent, base load, grid stable electricity versus the variability of wind and solar?

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President/CEO of Atargis Energy Company. I have previously been President/CEO of several tech startups, including successful investor exits. Atargis is developing the first and only ocean wave...

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  • Jan 5, 2021

Atargis Energy is developing an ocean wave energy converter (WEC) with an all-in LCOE that is significantly lower than wind and solar when the backup necessary for wind/solar grid stability are included.  Because ocean waves energy generation is much more persistent and much more predictable than wind and solar, we are suited for base load supply with little-to-no backup need for grid stabilization--major cost and planning savings.  Yet ocean wave solutions continue to be lumped into the variable renewable basket of renewable energy sources.  

In addition, ocean wave energy density is much higher than wind energy density.  The efficiency of our solution capturing this wave energy is significantly higher than wind turbines, indicating further wave energy cost reductions versus wind as the Atargis WEC device deployments scale.

How do we break through the confusion about the significant advantages, low cost, and widespread base load generation that this represents?

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Dear all,


How do we break through the confusion about the significant advantages, low cost, and widespread base load generation that this represents?

I am not  offering here any answer.

But , I wish to write my observations and  inventions on "how to make Ocean water" for making energy with  simple methods. I started my research work 20 years back,

on the subject, how to make energy from the Ocean waves. but later on I shifted my research subject to another observation level.  After making observations and study, for about a few years, I was convinced, there can be a few methods to generate energy which will be much better than waves energy.  I continued my research further.  I now invented a few methods, to lift ocean water without using electricity, to any height.  As per this, pumped storage process can be stopped immediately.  Independent Power generating Units can be installed  every where, at homes, shops, etc. to produce energy 24 hours continuously without any stop, with unlimited volume, as per one's choice.

Atargis Energy can do much better with the support of my inventions.  During my research for 20 years, I have observe many results which can be converted to, for our benefits without paying much.

The cost , as per my inventions, will be very less, water can be re-used many times in the reservoirs, ocean water can be lifted to any height, etc.  Water will be lifted without using electricity.

Please write:

best wishes


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