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How are utilities electrifying their operational fleets?

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  • Dec 16, 2020

Do you know how utilities in your region are electrifying your operating fleets?

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There are a number of Utilities and cities across the country with fleet electrification initiatives.  Many of these relate to Smart Cities or Grid Modernization efforts.  There are a number of financial, reliability, and societal factors to consider when implementing electric fleets.  Open to connect and discuss more.  Feel free to email me at to chat.

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Carlos Sousa on Jan 25, 2021

Okay. I'm going to send an email.

Yes, I know. Electric utilities, and all of us, need to "think beyond electricity" to accelerate the total de-carbonization and de-GHG-emission of the entire human enterprise, to include complete, integrated energy systems based on "green", renewables-source hydrogen and "the other hydrogen", anhydrous ammonia (NH3). "Electric cars" and "electrification of transportation" needs to include electric drive trains energized by on-board energy stored in hydrogen fuel rather than in batteries. See our work at:   Thank you.

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Carlos Sousa on Jan 25, 2021

Hi Bill,
First of all congratulations on your work.
Cemig is a reference company in sustainability in Brazil. Our matrix is 100% from renewable sources.
I was interested in the hydrogen question, could you talk more about the possibilities of use and markets?

Southern California Edison (SCE) is in the process of electrifying their fleet. Here's a link to an article on that:


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Carlos Sousa on Jan 25, 2021

Hi Jim,
All right?
In fact, utilities need to be ahead of fleet electrification.
Do you know if there is any reference that I can consult regarding utilities and the respective commitments to electrify your fleets?

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Jim Horstman on Jan 28, 2021

Carlos, I am not aware of any. You might check with EPRI to see if they are doing anything in this space.

At Oncor we have a policy to electrify our fleet as appropriate vehicles that meet operational requirements come onto the market.  That means for the bucket trucks we are adding electric lifts to diesel trucks which permit us to not idle the engine while the bucket is up and by our calculations reduce 80% of the noise and air emissions from operations. We are replacing out fleet of light duty vehicles as leases expire with electrics as appropriate.  We have a very large service are, and our western region does not have the charging infrastructure to enable vehicles to drive to Dallas/Ft. Worth for example. As range increases, and infrastructure is built out we will re-evaluate. We also need to keep vehicles used for storm restoration and mutual aid at least hybrid for now until more appropriate vehicles become available over the next several years.

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Carlos Sousa on Dec 23, 2020

Dear David, Thanks for your reply. In Brazil, electric vehicles are still few. We are considering the inclusion of electric vehicles in our fleet starting in 2022. We also consider it more viable to start with light trucks using electric lifts.

Hi Carlos,

There are technology services available that can help transition ICE fleet vehicles to EVs (EV Suitability Assessments). These assessments:

  • Analyze fleet's unique driving profiles and patterns to identify the vehicles in your fleet best suited for EV replacement.
  • Provide financial analysis (the ROI for transitioning vehicles) 
  • Provide range analysis/assurance 
  • Calculate the environmental impact
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Carlos Sousa on Dec 23, 2020

Hi Scott,
You are right, we did these studies, however there is still no clear policy in Brazil with regard to electrification of transport.
As I commented with David, the numbers show that today it would be best to start with the use of light trucks.


Carlos,   In the greater Phoenix area the utilities are electrifying their fleets with cars right now. They are also adding EVSE Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment , also called chargers for free employee charging. They will be adding pickup trucks in 2021 as soon as they are available.

    They figure it pays for itself since they make electricity and that is 1/4th the cost of gas. It also shows the public that electric vehicles are here and can do anything a gas car can do.  As more vehicles become available the numbers will increase. 

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Carlos Sousa on Dec 23, 2020

Jim, you're right. It is necessary to monitor the development of EV technology. The TCO of electric vehicles is already beginning to approach the IEC, which can make the substitution advantageous for certain applications in the operational fleets.

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