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Here is what all are looking for. The only problem is the brain frequencies differences. While falling the objects was so normal for all, Newton thought about it.


The world is dealing with energy production problems and populations growth raises the need of energy. In this paper I am going to describe and demonstrate a new technology to show and introduce the result of more than 45 years’ research that I achieved on 2015 and has been examined more and more during these last 4 years.

So, I will show several examined circuits of my tests together with their videos for investigation to inform researchers from the most important cases and ability of my technology.

The circuits are so simple and needs only deeply consideration.


Experiments for energy increaser

***Mentioning constant energy flow together with direction of movement in circuits is for simplifying the subject. The flow direction can be intermittent.

Circuit 1:

Series equal bulbs



P=RI,  R1=R2 , so, the energy of two bulbs (R1 & R2) are the same.

*** Any amount of energy that goes out from one pole of power source to circuit at a moment, exactly goes from circuit to another pole of power source at that moment.

Circuit 2:

60 watt and 100 watt bulb in series.

The video of practical exam of above circuit:


P=RI,  R1>R2 , so the energy of bulb 1 (R1) is more than bulb 2 (R2).

The R1 decreases the flow of energy and limits the necessary energy for R2.

In this condition the less resistance component (100 W bulb) acts nearly as a conductor in circuit.

The following video shows the series connectivity of the R1 and R2:


Circuit 3:

60 Watt bulb in series with 100 Watt bulb together with increaser.



Compare the R2 (100 W) of this circuit with the R2 (100 W) of circuit 2 and consider the amount of current of them. While the energy of R2 (100 W) has been increased by the increaser device, the current of source has been decreased from 0.20 A to 0.12 A

The energy current from power source is nearly to half of the second section of energy increaser. But energy increaser device delivers more energy to R2 while still the limitation of energy flow by R1 exists.

Notice again that Any amount of energy that applies from one pole of power source to a circuit at a moment, exactly that amount of energy goes from circuit to another pole of power source at that moment.

Circuit 4:

To prevent probably thoughts such as periodic current or frequency of flow affects that may cause view mistakes especially in bulbs light, the below circuit equipped by rectifiers and capacitors and confirms the continues flow of energy for bulbs.


The video of practical exam of circuit 4:


Although the increase in energy has been seen in the above circuits, the addition of rectifiers and capacitors makes much better viewing the amount of energy increase. The human eye is not able to see the dark moments between fast flashes of lights and cannot detect dark times between bright flashes.

The lamp experiment has been done to simplify the process, but as can be seen, the current of energy is not steady through the R1. So its average is less than that appear. (Based on practical exam of circuit 4)

Circuit 5:

"One watt is defined as the energy consumption rate of one joule per second. 1W = 1J / 1s. One watt is also defined as the current flow of one ampere with voltage of one volt."

"1. watt second - a unit of electrical energy equal to the work done when a current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second. J, joule."

I disagree with the term energy consumption and prefer to use particle motion instead. Because by moving particles, energy appears. In other words, the positive and the negative particles are eager to each other and when find a way, the move starts and the energy becomes appear.

The following circuit is designed to determine the behavior of R1 and R2, and those who are interested in the subject can easily observe the performance of the power increaser.

Since the whole energy flow affects the electric heaters, the following experiment has been done to show the ability of the system for best understand.

Every particle that moves inside the circuit will have the same movement in electric heaters and will produce heat in the heaters. By comparing the heat of the heaters, the amount of increased energy by energy increaser device could be distinguish.

Fast video of Circuit 5 experiment:



Original Video of Circuit 5 experiment if necessary:


I have prepared the above subjects by using a resistance in series (bulb or electric heater) next to power source for best comparing the action of energy increaser device. 

As all knows, the great or equal resistance (bulb or heater next to power supply) limits the amount of current of circuit. and any amount of current with any velocity passes through any resistance, is effective energy.

The amount of energy current is constant in series circuits. The movement of energy starts from power supply and passes from next to it resistance. So, the same amount of energy enters to primary section of energy increaser and then back to power supply but other sections of energy increaser raises it and delivers more energy.


Please note again:

*** Any amount of energy that goes out from one pole of power source to circuit at a moment, exactly (not more and not less) goes from circuit to another pole of power source at that moment.

The amount of energy that comes out of from one pole of the power supply is the same as the amount passing through the R1 and finally goes to another pole. The effective energy of the R1 is proportional to the amount of voltage and current that passing through the circuit. The Material of R1 and R2 in each experiment are the same, used bulbs in my experiments converts electrical energy to heat and then to light energy, and electrical heaters converts it to heat.

The electric energy is the result of multiplying E by I.

For example, if we reduce the ampere by the transformers, the voltage will increase, and vice versa, and if the efficiency of the transformer remains constant, the output energy of the transformer will be the same amount in each case.

The technology of the energy increaser device differs from what has existed so far and as can be seen, has increased the amount of energy. Because the productive energy that passes through R2 is greater than energy of R1.

To avoid lengthen this paper, I don't want to explain many and most importance benefits of technology. The advantages are so clear.

Many humans are like computers and only act on the information given to them. Hoping for the day when humans will use their unique thinking and powers.

Human laws are not permanent. Energy is increasing by new technology and will solve many of the problems of human life and also the environment. Please think more and more about my experiments and cooperate for having a better world.

Thanks for your attention,

A.M. Bayat

independent researcher


Bob Meinetz's picture
Bob Meinetz on Oct 28, 2019 3:20 pm GMT

Ali, looks like you've spent a lot of time working on your power increaser. Though your intentions seem to be honorable, increasing power in any closed system is impossible.

The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed. The law is inviolable - there is no "something from nothing".

You admit you're not a specialist in all areas of physics. No one is, but understanding conservation of energy is essential for anyone working in energy systems to benefit humanity.

Ali Akbar Mirgallouye Bayat's picture
Ali Akbar Mirgallouye Bayat on Oct 28, 2019 4:56 pm GMT

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your comment. I wish you were paying close attention to the circuits and videos. At least to the Fast video of Circuit 5 experiment. I have put all the necessary circuits and related tests honestly, and expect is paying attention to them without prejudging. I have said that human laws are not permanent and we must think about what we see practically.

please do the Circuit 3 test by any way you know yourself. Yes, with the current laws it is not possible, but my technology does.

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