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Companies that design/build generators for renewable energy applications?

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Our company is researching new ways of generating renewable energy. 

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  • Nov 19, 2020

Hello, does anyone have a list or link to companies that build generators used in utility-scale renewable energy projects? And what is the largest generator ever made (for hydro or wind)? What was its output and who built it?

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Answers given on LinkedIn to shared question by a Development Engineer :

water power: Three Gorges Dam - China ->

Mega-Kraftwerk: Der Drei-Schluchten-Staudamm | Galileo | ProSieben -> youtube - translation

Itaipu Dam - Brasil

wind power

GE's 12MW Haliade-X produces first power GE Renewable Energy has generated first power from its 12MW Haliade-X prototype -- the world's largest and most powerful wind turbine. ->

Germany: GE to supply combined wind and hydro pumped storage pilot project GE has WON a contract to supply the turbines for a novel pilot project combining wind energy with a hydro pumped storage plant. ->

Naturstromspeicher Gaildorf ->

Größtes Windrad der Welt mit Wasserbatterie ->

Weltrekord in Gaildorf. Knapp über 246 Meter vom Boden bis zur Rotorspitze. Die 4 Windräder können Ihren produzieren Strom an Ort und Stelle speichern. Der Generator produziert bis zu 3400 kW. Der überschüssige Strom aus der Windkraftanlage wird verwendet um Wasser aus dem Tal in die Betonsockel zu pumpen. 50 Jahre Lebensdauer 160.000 m³ Wasserspeicher. ca. 70. 000 kWh Speicher in Form von Lageenergie.

<Suitable for Rocky Mountains too>

link to companies that build generators:

Frederick - very broad question.  With renewable energy you need to identify the energy source - hydro, solar, wind and geothermal are the most common.  How that energy is converted will then define the specific electrical generator.  Geothermal and solar thermal can both generate steam and thus use steam engines, but the scale is small relative to traditional utility steam - 10's of MW, maybe 100's while coal and nuclear steam can be 1000 MW.

Wind generators are all all OEM supplies - so GE / Siemens, etc.. will supply an integrated unit, offshore is up to abotu 15 MW now, onshore about 5 MW - massive blades.  

Hydro ranges from 10's KW - small run of river to 1000's MW - don't look at the Chinese 3 gorges project to see that the largest individual unit is.  

In general, at small scale, to be commercially viable the entire system will come from one supplier and there is little electrical generator choice.  Small custom units will be too expensive in this era of very low cost Solar PV and wind.  

My answer is a question: why would generators be useful at a renewable energy project? To provide power for the construction crew? To provide backup energy when renewable energy is nowhere to be found?

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