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This special interest group is where customer care professionals share tactics on how utilities are improving interactions with their customers. 

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John — 73 posts

President, Egan Energy Communications

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Karen — 51 posts

Freelance Researcher and Writer, Final Draft Communications, LLC

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Rafael — 38 posts

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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Mark — 13 posts

SVP Products, Ibex Digital

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Ann — 13 posts

Formerly Mission and Brand Manager, KSV

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Rob — 12 posts

Individual Contributor, self

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Dominique joined 6 days ago

Business Analyst, GridX

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Gaurav joined 1 week ago

Power system engineer, power projects

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Geoffrey joined 1 week ago

Vice President, ENU Sector Head, Wipro

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Jamie joined 1 week ago

Senior Client Executive, Precisely


KOSTIANTYN joined 1 week ago

Technical Director, AD-Deploy

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Vincent joined 1 week ago

CEO, Renova Energy Corporation

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What do residential customers expect from their utility? The answer may surprise you...

Post - GridX -

With growing customer interest in energy technology, customers increasingly expect utilities to serve as their energy advisor. By providing clear insights into how various rates, programs and products impact bills, utilities can better serve..

Buzzwords, Message Discipline, and Annual Reports: EEC’s Best-Read Content from 2021

Post - Customer Care Group -

Gifts for Energy Communicators: Our Best-Read Content from 2021 We’re winding down another year like no other. Nearly all of our workplaces, if not our lives, continue to be roiled by some aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many readers, their...

Your Utility Shouldn’t Pitch These Story Ideas

Post - Customer Care Group -

Bad story pitches can harm your utility's chances of getting coverage when you actually have something worthwhile to report. Here are a few suggestions on things not to pitch because the media simply won't pay attention.

Andy Gotlieb's picture
Managing Editor of a specialty publication, former public relations practitioner

Member since 2016

Managing Editor of a specialty publication, former public relations practitioner, Freelancer

Utility Marketplace Offerings Expand to Meet Customer Demand this Holiday Season

Post - Franklin Energy -

In the last decade, customer purchasing behavior has changed dramatically. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, ordering goods online shifted from a luxury to a necessity, with online retail giants like Amazon posting their most profitable year ever.

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